Recipe: Pasta with Parsnip and Pumpkin

With fall arriving, the time to cook more warm dishes has arrived as well. I can’t wait to make warming winter soups and stews! When I saw pumpkins at the supermarket on Saturday, I had to get a butternut squash and many more will follow. As I still had parsnips as well, I decided that both vegetables would probably go well together. I had never eaten parsnips before but ever since I learned about the existence I wanted to try it, except they’re quite hard to get around here for some reason. I wasn’t a fan of the parsnips but I’ll definitely be making this dish with pumpkin alone again.
Pasta (I used rigatoni, I would recommend a smaller kind, farfalle or penne would be good. Rotini as well)
Soy cream
Olive oil
Black pepper
Peel and dice the parsnip and pumpkin. I sliced mine with a potato peeler because for some reason I thought that would be a good idea but next time I’ll be dicing, less work. Dice the onion finely and then start heating your olive oil. Put in the onion and saute and then add the pumpkin and parsnip. Make sure you keep an eye on it and in the meantime cook the pasta. Add the cream to the vegetables and start adding your spices to the vegetables (I’m bad at giving indications, just go with your taste buds). Once everything is done, serve the vegetable sauce over the pasta and enjoy!
As I said, I wasn’t fond of the parsnip taste but they do go well with the pumpkin so if you like them, go for it! Lastly, I would add some garlic as well, I didn’t this time because my mom had dinner with me, I didn’t because she doesn’t eat garlic. For the record, she really liked the dish and didn’t mind the parsnips so it’s all about taste.