Movie: Brave – Change Your Fate

I while ago I went to see Brave with a friend. Mostly because my friend loves anything Disney and he asked if I wanted to come. I didn’t really know a lot about the movie going into it besides that it was about a princess with an awesome head of red, curly and unruly hair. That alone as was more than enough to have me go and see the movie. I was definitely in for a surprise!

Yes the movie is about a little princes with a head of red unrluy hair but this is not your ordinary princess. Merida is a strong little girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. She loves to ride her horse, climb mountains and she practices archery really well. Being set in Scotland the red hair is a distinct feature of Merida’s Scottish heritage but it is also a symbol for her fierceness and bravery, and with curls going everywhere it’s a symbol for her not being the one to just settle and just do whatever is expected from her. I absolutely loved how this movie turned gender stereotypes proposed for years by movies about princesses upside down, not only with Merida but also with the princes from other clans because they’re not exactly what you’d call handsome strong princes. And even with her own parents, while her dad is really large and bulky, it does actually seem to be her mother who wears the pants in the household (even though she is the one who wants Merida to act like a “real girl”).

This movie finally gives little girls a princess who sets a good example for them and teaches them that they can achieve anything they want and that they can follow their own paths in life. It also shows a very sweet relationship between a mother and a daughter who need to come to terms with who the other is and wants and accepting those facts. Hopefully this is another message kids going to see this movie take with them, as their parents should as well.

Besides the message this movie sends, it is also simply entertaining, you’ll surely have some good laughs and it’s beautifully made with stunning visuals and a wonderful soundtrack.